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Accessibility and Inclusivity

​Awaken Acupuncture NYC is a progressive practice that seeks to bring equity to the field of health and wellness. In accordance with the oath she made to care for all patients as though they are family, she seeks to extend the concept of wellness to include all minds and bodies. Her patient-centered care is focused particularly around inclusivity and accessibility for BIPOC, immigrant and lower income families, and the LGBTQIA+ population.

In her belief that wellness is a human right and should belong to all those who seek it out, Dr. Elizabeth So is passionate about increasing access to education about self-care, longevity practice, health maintenance, and preventative care.


“If someone seeks help because of illness, or on the ground of another difficulty, a great physician should not pay attention to status, wealth, or age; neither should [they] question whether the particular person is attractive or unattractive, whether [they are] an enemy or a friend, whether [they are] Chinese or a foreigner, or finally, whether [they are] uneducated or educated. They should meet everyone on equal ground; they should always act as if they were thinking of themselves… They should look upon those who have come to grief as if they themselves had been struck, and they should sympathize with them deep in their heart… Whoever acts in this manner is a great physician for the living.”

- Sun Is Miao, Qian Jin Yao Fang

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